Things change through time, this is no difference for wakeboarding. In the 80’s wakeboarding looked very different than it does now, such as the tricks, the outfits and the style. Internet didn’t even played such a role as it does nowadays. For example, the tricks they did 30 years ago were less technical and more aggressive. Today people pay more and more attention on how the tricks look, rather than 30 years ago where people tried to spin and flip as much as possible. In the 80’s internet was used in a different way, as we do today. People couldn’t search the world wide web for wakeboarding videos, whereas today multiple wakeboarding videos are posted every day. These videos can inspire other people by learning or even creating new tricks. Back in the old day’s pioneers had to come up with new tricks by simply putting their bodies in to the test, without any certainty if it was possible or not. But now we luckily have videos of people showing us what is possible.

This is how wakeboarding looked like in 1995. 

And this is how wakeboarding looks like today. 


In the wakeboarding world there are a couple of trends that are hot at the moment. For example:

By spinning less and grabbing more, the rider is forced to come up with creative grabs. With these creative grabs the rider is more likely to express his self through wakeboarding.

The bigger boards is a relatively new trend, which gives the rider not only more surface of the board touching the water it also is less exhausting and allows the rider to flex their board even more. This board flexing, also known as pressing, is also one of the ways to show the riders creativity through wakeboarding. This is a lot harder than just going straight on an obstacle, and it has endless possibilities.

The narrow stance is a cause of the bigger boards. Because before wakeboard producers started producing bigger boards, the riders put their bindings closer and closer to each other. This causes the board to easily flex more, which allows the rider to press even further. As you can see on the featured image the wakeboarder leans forward to flex his board, this is a well-executed ‘nose press’.

Digital brand building tips.

As with all trends some people love them and some people like them. Besides that, trends are time limited. This means they are not for ever, which can be seen as business opportunities. In regards to the digital brand building, these trends are a perfect to build a brand digitally. By:

It is possible to build a brand digitally. As long as the trends are being covered and the voice of the public is being heard, it is possible to create a digital wakeboarding brand.

What doe you think of the trends? Do you like them? Or are they not cool? And what about the brand building tips, useful? What are your thoughts?


Mik Nieuwenhoff flippin’ and grabbin’ in Holland.


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